With you on our side, together we can make hope possible!

Every year we believe God for YOUR help to raise 55% of the annual income needed to keep Rhema FM on the air.

We need you help us continue to reach hearts and lives for God.

The Lord has told us that our trust is in Him and not the things or finances of this world. We trust that this $400,000 miracle can be reached by midnight Sunday 4th June. All it takes is us, You and trusting in God to see this happen.

We’re ready for a Miracle, how about you? Together let’s see what God shall do!

Yours in Jesus’ Name always.

John Marks

CEO  | Chairman

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I’ve been telling people about Rhema FM Newcastle in my Salvation story for the past 15 years!


When Rhema FM sent the flowers to my sister after her husband had passed away it was really beautiful.

Rhema didn’t have to do that… it wasn’t their requirement. But it just shows the heart of God.




$24,487.70 RAISED

When her husband died, Rhema was there…

My sister has three little kids aged five, three and two years. They haven’t really understood it completely, it’s still kind of a strange concept for them to realise that Daddy has died. My sister had first contact with Rhema FM when her friend had nominated her for...

End of Rhemathon