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‘Loving’ the Review

We sent Ellyse Brooks to review the film ‘Loving’, based on the true story set in the 1960’s in Virginia, USA. Journey with this interracial couple as they marry and are forced out of their County and State as a result. Watch the couple seek justice and take their case to the Supreme Court in a time when the civil rights movement was prominent in America. Family friendly filter: Due to the length of this film and the theme, it is not recommended for younger audiences. There was no swearing or explicit content. LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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Hanging out with Colin Buchanan

He’s one of Australia’s most prolific and versatile entertainers, the owner of 9 Golden Guitars and Aria Awards. He’s been a radio presenter, was part of the heart of the ABC’s much loved ‘Play School’ and is a successful book author. Rhema FM’s very own Shayne Holstein caught up with legendary Australian Christian musician Colin Buchanan and asked him a few questions!   Thanks for talking to us today Colin! Your love of music – how did it all begin? I hear that you began entertaining people from a very young age. Yes, and getting into trouble for it as...

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You’re Never Too Old Or Young

  Every day is a new opportunity to do something bigger and greater for God. Our days are numbered, but we shouldn’t be limited by age. Throughout the ages God has used the young AND old to carry out his will. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known in the bible: Mary the Mother of Jesus was a teenager when she conceived and gave birth David was just a young Shepherd boy when he defeated Goliath Meshach, Abednego and Shadrach are believed to have been young teenagers when they refused to bow to Nebuchadnezzar Many of...

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KONG: Skull Island Review

We sent Aaron Brown to watch KONG: Skull Island! This film is the newest Reboot of the King Kong movies, where a group of people find themselves on what seems to be an uninhabited island, shortly after the Vietnam War.   Family Friendly Filter: Typical Monster/Beast violence A little gory in some parts Swearing throughout the film A lot of death LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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5 Christian women who were #BoldForChange

This year for ‘International Women’s Day’, we are celebrating women who are and have been Bold for Change! Yay for the 8th of March! It’s no secret that throughout the ages women have faced oppression as a result of their gender. In the Western world, society has become more accepting of gender equality, however the struggle is still present in many developing nations, with women overall being one of the largest underprivileged groups as a majority. One of the greatest things about Jesus Christ, is that he came to save and love ALL.  He went against the cultural norms of...

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