We chatted to Bethany hamilton about her new documentary film ‘unstoppable’, motherhood & more!

To me, to be ‘Unstoppable’, is to be able to overcome and to keep pushing your passions. To trust in God when things don’t feel right or feel really hard. To know there’s always going to be a better day. I think for a lot of us, just to have a reason to wake up and live is so important and a lot of people are struggling with that. Finding your reason to keep waking up and living life. For example being a parent, you immediately take all the focus off yourself. You wake up and it’s like “okay let’s get these  bellies fed and take care of these little humans”. In a sense, it gets you up and going every day. So to me, being ‘Unstoppable’ is just finding your strength and reason to live, to overcome, find joy, purpose and reason.

Does being an inspiration to young girls drive what you do?

For sure. Outside of the ocean, a lot of what I do for young people. I have a passion for young people and helping them find their place in the world. And to set healthy boundaries, but also be able to overcome tough times. It’s really fun. I love being able to do what I do.

As far as me being in the ocean, that’s my happy place. I’ve always loved pushing myself. One thing I’ve learnt, is when we’re trying to be our best in whatever it is we’re trying to do, it makes the world a better place. So why not just rock it at everything you do.

Touching on Motherhood

It’s such a joy. That feeling of love for your kids that you can’t even fully explain but a lot of parents can relate. They challenge you in a way that is really awesome & beautiful, and it kind of makes you a better human in a sense because how you live out your day usually effects them. Finding the balance, being patient, but also present. And being a part of their life as you go about your day. It brings so much joy being able to share life with them. I’d always looked forward to it, buts it been even more fun than I thought it would be, now that I’m in that role. 

Did becoming a mother change your perspective on life?

Its helped me shift what’s really important because as you know, we can often be filled with ourselves and our own ambitions. Whereas now kind of more balanced, It’s not just me, it’s us. Making sure they’re happy, healthy & provided for. Having fun with them too, it brings balance to life. Appreciate a perspective on looking around the world. Especially, traveling as much as we do. It makes traveling really fun, you’re less bored because they’re so intrigued by everything.

A special thanks to Bethany for taking the time to chat with us. We’re looking forward to seeing your new film. God bless!