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Is work/life balance a myth?

John Drury shares his perspective on work/life balance… The most talked-about and well-publicised strategy recommended to manage our very busy lives is ‘work/life balance’. This term originated sometime during the early 20th century with regard to improved working conditions and shorter working hours for factory workers. It was meant to describe the idea that there should be reasonable balance between work and the rest of our lives. It implies that like a seesaw, there is an optimum point of balance that will work for each of us. So, what would you think if I told you this is all...

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Break the Rules or Bring Out Their Best?

I’ve previously written about why WE do what we do, however when it comes to leading people, how do we get them to do what we NEED for our business? How do we improve employee performance? This topic is known as Performance or Behavioural Management. Having spent considerable time and energy developing a practical understanding of behavioural management (I’ve trained with it, coached with it, studied it, have a Post Grad degree in it, and have trained leaders in how to use it), I’ll often refer to articles or books I’ve read previously when I get stuck with an...

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Finding Your Flow At Work

We’ve all been in that situation either as an employer leading a team, or as an employee where we have felt in over our head! You might be familiar with the tell tail signs, sweaty palms, increased heart rate, avoidance of work, anxiety when at work, always thinking/ talking about work and worrying in general. On the flip side of the coin, maybe you’ve experienced that feeling of apathy and boredom at work. You feel uninspired and enjoyment is at an all-time low. Obviously there are things that need to be done… but surely everything doesn’t have to feel...

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Why do we do the things we do? Why does something make sense at the time of ‘doing’, however often turn out to NOT be what we expected? Why do we not realise until AFTER the fact that what we did or said didn’t quite get the action or result we were expecting? The reason is that we hear what someone is saying, but we don’t listen to what they are telling us. AM I SELFISH? If you relate, you’re not selfish. You’re just filtering the conversation through your OWN assumptions about what YOU communicated. These assumptions, these filters,...

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