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Q&A with Colton Dixon

Rhema FM Newcastle’s Wayne Hindson went all the way to the U. S to catch up with American Idol finalist and Christian contemporary artist Colton Dixon! Lets find out what he thinks about being on reality TV, his latest album and touring with Toby Mac! Most people know you from American Idol, particularly in Australia, and you’ve just gone back for the finale of Idol, does it feel like that part of the journey is finished for you now? I think that will always be a part of who I am, some Artists shy away from it, but it...

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Q&A with Planet Shakers

Aaron Brown had a chat with Joth (Jonathan) Hunt from Planetshakers about their latest EP, his journey and what life is like on the road! Congrats to Planetshakers with everything you’ve been doing over time. You’ve got a new EP out called momentum ‘Live in Manila’. Tell us a bit about this EP. We are really blessed at Planetshakers and get to travel around. One of our favourite places to visit is the Phillipines in the city of Manila. One of the reasons for that is that they are so passionate – and they sing SO loud, which is...

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Q+A with Toby Mac

Now Toby I’ve been doing some numbers, I’m a bit of a numbers guy. You’re approaching 30 years since heaven bound came out. Are you just, kind of amazed at the doors that are opened for you in that time frame? I mean, almost from the start of DC Talk onwards doors have just opened for you. Yeah. That’s how I’ve put it, usually doors open. God opens doors, and I just say yep, God I’ll step through it. You open it – I’ll step through it. But it’s been time after time, and even beyond how long I...

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