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Interviewing Michael W. Smith!

Ever wondered what it’s like when you’ve scored an interview with a ‘big’ name in Christian music? Our Big Breakfast Show host Wayne Hindson opens up about the time he (nervously) interviewed Michael W. Smith! When you think of the biggest names in Christian music, people like Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, tobyMac, and Crystal Lewis come to mind. Each of those artists have had a long and fruitful career in Christian music. We have had the opportunity to chat with several of these iconic artists and recently we added another to the list – Michael W. Smith. This...

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VERSES on the Artist Spotlight!

We were joined by Luke, Jess & Joel from VERSES music at the Rhema FM studio recently! Time to get up close & personal! Now it’s been an exciting journey for you guys over the last couple of years. Can you tell us about how VERSES got started? Luke – Yeah it has been an exciting 12 months, but there have been many years in the making. We had the idea for VERSES about 4 years ago now. It came as an idea when I was dropping off something to Joel at his youth ministry one night. I looked...

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Up Close & Personal With Manic Drive

Wayne Hindson caught up with Shawn Cavallo from Manic Drive!  A lot has happened since we last had a chat with you! Manic Drive has released a new album, you’ve gotten married, and I’m sure there’s a lot more! Let’s start with the new album ‘Into The Wild’. How are you guys feeling now that it’s finally out there for people to hear? It’s a huge relief! It’s been way to long and was a huge process! But we poured our hearts into it and wanted to take our time, not rushing anything. It’s a huge relief that people...

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The Artist Spotlight With Jamie Grace

We’re always excited to catch up with some of our favourite artists! This time we were able to connect with the lovely Jamie Grace, all the way from California! We’ve loved your music over the years Jame. Can we go back to the start and find out about your music journey?  My Dad is a Pastor so I grew up singing in church when I was really little. I’ve always enjoyed music and my Mum always sang in church too, so I loved sharing her thing. I always knew that had a passion for music and I loved seeing...

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The Artist Spotlight with Gawvi

Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown caught up with electro pop/EDM DJ recording artist – Gawvi! Your stage name is Gawvi (pronounced Ga-vee), but you also used to be known as G-Styles. Where did the name Gawvi actually come from? G – Gawvi is actually the name that my family calls me – I’ve been called that since birth. You see I’m Latino, and my full name is Gabrielle, but my nickname is Gabe. If you want to say that in Spanish, it’s actually Ga-vee. So I kind of mixed up the way you spell it, and gave it a cool twist!!...

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