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The Artist Spotlight with Gawvi

Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown caught up with electro pop/EDM DJ recording artist – Gawvi! Your stage name is Gawvi (pronounced Ga-vee), but you also used to be known as G-Styles. Where did the name Gawvi actually come from? G – Gawvi is actually the name that my family calls me – I’ve been called that since birth. You see I’m Latino, and my full name is Gabrielle, but my nickname is Gabe. If you want to say that in Spanish, it’s actually Ga-vee. So I kind of mixed up the way you spell it, and gave it a cool twist!!...

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Hanging out with Hannah Kerr

Rhema FM Newcastle caught up with new Christian artist on the scene, Hannah Kerr! Thanks for hanging out with us Hannah, for those who don’t know you, can we get a snapshot?  Absolutely! I grew up in an area called Buffalo New York and my parents were worship leaders and so I was involved in the church from the beginning of my life. I feel very blessed to have a family that loves the Lord and brought me up to love him as well. Then when I was in Highschool I moved to Nashville Tennasee, which was a bit...

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Q&A with Jordan Feliz

Rhema FM Newcastle’s Wayne Hindson caught up with Jordan Feliz in Ohio to discuss all things music and about faith! What was the kind of music you grew up with and were your musical influences? I grew up listening to a lot of ‘old pop soul’ (is how I’d describe it),’ Earth, Wind and Fire’, ‘Sam Cook’, ‘Tower of Power’, ‘Out Green’ and that whole vibe. Anytime we had the radio on though it was always KLove or the local Christian radio station, Kay Dove. I grew up listening to a lot of Christian music but then also a...

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Artist Spotlight with Hollyn

Rhema FM had the privilege of catching up with Hollyn to talk about her debut CD ‘One Way Conversations’. Tell me for ‘One Way Conversations’, many song writers will write more than what they need. For a finished release do you write more songs than what you actually need? What type of camp do you sit in? In terms of a finished release for me, the past few projects that I’ve put out I’ve written a tonne of songs! For the first year that I was in Nashville, those songs weren’t really up to the level that I wanted...

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