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How to keep your New Year’s Resolution

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution? Probably many, or you’ve at least thought about it countless times. Why don’t they work? Why do we fail at ‘starting afresh’ time again? Because of a lack of the following, your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ may not have lasted beyond the first two weeks of January. Let’s look at ways you can turn that ‘resolution’ into a new habit or lifestyle!  1. Planning/ Creating a timeline Do you find yourself caught up in the moment and declaring amongst your friends and family at midnight that you’re finally going to...

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How to be less stressed this Christmas!

It’s “the most wonderful time of the year” (cue the Christmas carols), but we can all get a little frazzled in the lead up to the 25th of December. From the different Christmas parties throughout December, the financial strain when it comes to presents and catering, and the busyness everywhere you go – we can often forget why we celebrate Christmas. It’s a pretty monumental event, having the world (well a large majority of it) stop to take time to commemorate a child who was born in a humble little stable. Consumerism has taken advantage of such a beautiful...

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School holiday time – time to slip, slop and slap!

Time to ditch the technology and get outside to enjoy this beautiful city of Newcastle (and surrounds). We’ve done our research and have collated some of our favourite beaches for you and the family to enjoy… so what are you waiting for? It’s time to slip, slop and slap! Stockton Stockton beach is a 6.7 Km long stretch of sand connecting up with Birubi at the north end of the beach. Stockon beach has a Surf Club founded in 1908 and is still up and running today. It’s also a diverse beach accommodating a number of different activities, including quad...

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What to give (or not give) Dad this year for Father’s Day!

Aah, September. That one time of the year we make a special deal about our Dads and also that one time of the year millions ask the question “What should we buy Dad for Father’s Day?” It is one of those difficult questions which seems to have so many answers, yet in some ways is a question that cannot be answered. So to help you this Father’s Day we list 5 things that you could get for Dad this year!   1. Socks and underwear Yes I know it is a running joke for many people, and many consider...

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Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle is a vibrant city with loads of blooming beaches and attractions to explore. Don’t waste your day! Instead go on an adventure, travel around, get out and enjoy the city we have been blessed with.   1. VISIT THE OCEAN BATHS Newcastle has beautiful ocean baths that are open to the public. Head down to Merewether’s ocean baths with friends and family to capture the amazing sunrise or sunset. Yes, it is winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get up early to see the sunrise or go out when it’s a bit colder to see the sunset!...

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