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‘Ready Player One’ Review

Aaron Brown reviews the latest Steven Spielberg film, ‘Ready Player One’. This film is set in 2045, where a virtual reality world called the OASIS, where individuals can escape their harsh world. The OASIS creator dies and leaves his fortune and control of the Oasis to the winner of a contest designed to find his heir. Family Friendly Filter: Unnecessary swearing (use of the ‘S’ word) ‘Commical’ violence Flirty Scene between Not recommended for younger children LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Peter Rabbit’ Review

This is the feature adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic tale of the rebellious Peter Rabbit trying to sneak into farmer McGregors vegetable garden. Family friendly filter: Generally an appropriate family film with a few things to consider: There is a controversial scene where there’s a known allergy, which is taken advantage of and used against them An individual dies from a heart attack Despite this, our reviewers gave this film a thumbs up, and felt that the movie was appropriate for all different ages. LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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'I Can Only Imagine' Review

The film ‘I Can Only Imagine’, is based on the inspirational true story behind the song of the smash hit from MercyMe. The premise of the film follows lead singer, Bart Miller, and his journey growing up with an abusive Father. Family Friendly Filter: Confronting storyline of domestic violence Not appropriate for younger children No inappropriate language This film is Rated PG LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Samson’ Review

‘Samson’ is the latest faith-based film brought to you by PureFlix, the studio behind ‘The Case for Christ’ and ‘God’s Not Dead’. Based on the bible story of Samson, a Hebrew warrior given super strength by God. Family Friendly filter: Rated ‘M’ for Mature themes and Violence Contains action scenes with some bloodshed and minimal violence no explicit sexual references or scenes but some minor inferences no bad language Faith based film pointing to God LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Game Night’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle sent Ashley Carr to watch ‘Game Night’, starring Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman.   Family Friendly Filter: This film was rated MA15+ for strong comedic violence LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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