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‘Only The Brave’ Review

Ashley Carr watches this film, based on the true story of an elite fire fighting squad in Arizona. This film powerfully explores community and the importance of mateship, especially when faced against the danger of a wildfire together. Family friendly filter: This film is rated M, for mature audiences Swearing Drug use as a plot element (however the use of drugs is frowned upon in the movie) Drinking Romantic, but not graphic bathtub scene Glimpse of partial male nudity Intense action/fire fighting scenes LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Daddy’s Home 2’ Review

LISTEN TO THE REVIEW In the lead up to Christmas, Rhema FM Newcastle sent Wayne Hindson to watch the sequel ‘Daddy’s Home 2’, starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow. Family Friendly Filter: Not appropriate for young children Inappropriate language Sexual Innuendos Features Violence Our reviewer enjoyed this film, however advises to take caution for younger audiences, as this film is rated PG for mild crude humour, sexual references and coarse...

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‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle sends Ellyse Brooks to watch ‘Murder On The Orient Express’, a film based on the crime fiction novel written by Agatha Christie. Join Inspector Hercule Poirot as he journeys on the Orient Express, where crime occurs right under his nose. Will he uncover the mystery and find out ‘Who Dunnit’ on a train full of suspects before they reach their destination? Family Friendly Filter: This film is rated M due to the intense nature of the film This film did not have swearing There was minimal sexual innuendo Viewing of a corpse momentarily Murder scene flashback/reenactment...

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle sent Aaron Brown to review the latest film in the marvel franchise,’Thor: Ragnarok’. This hilarious film directed by  Taika Waititi has a sense of humour much loved by Australian and Kiwi’s, showing this character in a very different light than previously depicted. Family friendly Filter: Rated M for action and violence Humour is edgy and borderline crude The reviewer gave this film two thumbs up for movie watchers who have previously enjoyed marvel films and would therefore understand the backstory.   LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Geostorm’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle sent Aaron Brown to watch the film ‘Geostorm’. This film is set at a time when man has the scientific capabilities to control the weather, ensuring that natural disasters are a way of the past – until the system begins to malfunction. What will happen when the world is faced with a catastrophic geostorm? Will anyone survive?? Family friendly filter: This film is rated M for its intense nature No sexual content, swearing or use drugs in this film  NB: Our reviewer felt that the plot and scripting was weak within this film.  LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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