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‘Hamsptead’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle sent Ashley to watch the latest British flick ‘Hampstead’. This story features Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson, playing the roles of an unlikely couple who establish a deep friendship. This romantic comedy seems to be a heart warming film for teens and adults. Family Friendly Filter: Has a PG rating British cuss words Sexual innuendo and...

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‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ Review

A ‘Sci-Fi James Bond film’ is the best way to describe this latest flick, directed by Luc Besson and also starring Dane Heann and Cara Delvingne. These two are left to save the city which is home to the species of a thousand planets.  Family friendly filter: Rated ‘M’ for mature audiences, due to violence No swearing, but a few questionable words Female character wearing bikini at the beach LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Paris Can Wait’ Review

Anne (played by Diane Lane) stars in this film, featuring the adventures of a 12 hour trip from Cannes to Paris. Enjoy as she learns how to relax and enjoy the fine culinary opportunities that France brings to the soul.   Family friendly filter: Rated PG but not children’s film Inferred attraction between married woman and another man Heavy dialogue LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Dunkirk’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle sent Aaron Brown to watch the latest War epic, Dunkirk. Directed by Christopher Noland, this film is based on the true event in May of 1940, where 330,000 British soldiers were rescued by fisherman. This event is told from different perspectives of those involved in the event, of the same moment in time. Family Friendly Filter: This film is rated M for Mature themes Death of soldiers Not gory or bloody Use of the ‘f’ word twice This is not recommended for children due to the tense nature of the film   LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Spiderman : Homecoming’ Review

This latest reboot of the Spiderman franchise will not disappoint! With a new cast and the introduction of Spiderman into the Marvel Universe, join Peter Parker as he discovers how to be a superhero all the while dealing with the pressures of being a teenager going through High School. Family Friendly Filter: minimal swearing inappropriate comments violence recommended for teenagers and older LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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