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‘The Mountain Between Us’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle sent Ashley Carr to review ‘The Mountain Between Us’.  Stranded together on a mountain after a tragic plane crash killing the pilot, this film focuses on two strangers who are forced to rely on one another as they push each other to survive extreme elements. Family friendly filter: This film is rated M Included a sex scene Brief strong language Images of injury Due to intense nature content, the film is more appropriate for adults Aside from the above content, the reviewer felt that this was a good combination of romance, action and suspense for adults...

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‘Victoria and Abdul’ Review

Rhema FM Newcastle reviewed ‘Victoria and Abdul’, a film about the unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, an Indian servant. Going against all cultural norms and the class system, this film is loosely based on the true story of the man who became the Queens companion in her last days. Family friendly filter – This film is rated PG Features a short discussion of a sexually transmitted infection This film was given a thumbs up by the reviewer At Rhema FM Newcastle we recommend that you do further research before watching a film. LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ Review

Rhema FM checked out ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ to see if it’s worth watching with the family these school holidays! This film is particularly aimed at children, with adults left laughing in some parts. This film focuses on the father-son relationship between the town’s Villian and his Hero son, Lloyd. Will these to characters overcome their differences as they battle it out lego-ninja style? We gave this film a thumbs up as a kids film. Family Friendly Filter This film is rated ‘G’ Use of the word ‘butt’ LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Captain Underpants: The first epic movie’ review

A pair of mischievous best friends hypnotise their mean school Principal into believing that he’s a silly superhero known as ‘Captain Underpants’. Watch as chaos emerges and Captain Underpants continues to save the day! Family friendly filter: This film is rated G and is suitable for all audiences Please be aware that ‘toilet humour’ is in this film (the kids will love it) This film was given a big thumbs up from our reviewer!   LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘Gifted’ Movie Review

LISTEN TO THE REVIEW Rhema FM Newcastle sent Ellyse Brooks to review ‘Gifted’, a film about a child prodigy Mary being raised by her Uncle Frank (played by Chris Evans). The two are faced with a custody battle once it is uncovered that Mary at the age of 7 is a child genius, with her Grandmother ready to take her away from her current life and into a more academically stimulating...

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