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‘The Fate of the Furious’ Review

Aaron Brown zoomed off to see the 8th instalment in the ‘Fast and the Furious’ film franchise. It’s safe to say that this movie included many cars, explosions, tonnes of special effects and plenty of stunts. The film had an overarching sense and theme of the importance of family and loyalty. This ‘feel good’ movie has a few things to look out for in terms of content. Family Friendly Filter: Action & Gun violence Swearing No explicit nudity, however women are seen dressed inappropriately at times This is NOT a kids movie Adults will need to determine with discretion...

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‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ Review

We sent Ashley De Hoogh to watch the latest Smurfs movie! Enter into the little world of blue while Smurfette wrestles with her identity as they’re on a mission to warn the Lost village of danger that awaits them. This movie is aimed at children and does not have much content or humour for adults, so the reviewer felt that parents may get a bit bored. Family friendly filter: References to Magic as the main Villian is a ‘wizard’ The Smurfs are grounded by Papa Smurf but rebel and sneak out anyway   LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Review

We had no choice but to send Aaron Brown to The LEGO Batman Movie (after all, he did have Lego at his wedding reception). We enter once again into the world of pure Lego, where we get to know Batman on a bit more of a personal level. This children’s film primarily covers topics of belonging, the importance of team work and family, all the while by fighting the bad guys. This movie is full of humour and many laughs. Family Friendly Filter – This film is for children, however much of the humour is aimed at adults with references to other Batman films, sarcasm and jokes that children wouldn’t understand. The reviewer did not feel that this film was inappropriate or unsuitable for children.   LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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Beauty & the Beast Review

We sent Ellyse Brooks to go and review ‘the tale as old as time’, the much anticipated film ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This plot follows the original storyline of the 1991 Disney animated classic, based in France following the life of Belle. After her dear Father goes missing, Belle searches for him and finds him trapped in a mystical castle, and offers herself as prisoner to save his life. Join her journey as she falls in love with the castle she now calls home, and watch as she discover that there’s more to appearances than meet the eye.  ...

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‘Loving’ the Review

We sent Ellyse Brooks to review the film ‘Loving’, based on the true story set in the 1960’s in Virginia, USA. Journey with this interracial couple as they marry and are forced out of their County and State as a result. Watch the couple seek justice and take their case to the Supreme Court in a time when the civil rights movement was prominent in America. Family friendly filter: Due to the length of this film and the theme, it is not recommended for younger audiences. There was no swearing or explicit content. LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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