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Aaron Brown reviews the film ‘Fences’, featuring and directed by Oscar nominee Denzel Washington and starring Viola Davis. The movie is based on a play, featuring the story of Troy Maxson, set in America in the 1950’s. He tries to be a good husband and Father, but his lost dream of glory eats at him, and causes him to make a decision that threatens to tear his family apart. Family Friendly Filter:  Some swearing Slight sexual references Adult themes: alcohol abuse Not recommended for children LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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Patriots Day review

Aaron Brown reviews ‘Patriots Day’, a film based on the bombings at the Boston Marathon in 2013. It focuses on the powerful response from the people and FBI of the aftermath of the bomb. The film portrays characters who were impacted by the bombings throughout the storyline. Family Friendly Filter – There are gory scenes from the aftermath of the bomb which can be intense and difficult to watch. There is a lot of swearing in this film and shootings, explosions and sexual references. Motion sickness is also a factor.   LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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LION review

Ellyse Brooks reviews the film ‘LION’ staring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Sunny Pawar. A young boy in India becomes separated from his family and after a series of events finds himself adopted in Australia. We watch Saroo and his journey in attempting to find his way back home with the assistance of Google Earth and his memories. This film is based on a true story. Family Friendly Filter – Other than implied intimacy, the reviewer did not find anything alarming. LISTEN TO THE REVIEW...

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