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Q&A With Micah Tyler

Rhema FM Newcastle’s Wayne Hindson caught up with Micah Tyler after the release of his EP!  Let’s go back the early days and where the influence of music came from you! M – Neither one of my parents are musicians. Neither one of them sing or play instruments, but we constantly had music in our house. They just loved music. I remember from a very young age my Dad had a big stereo with big speakers in our kitchen. When my Mother was cleaning there would be music going, or when we were getting ready for dinner, constantly music...

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The Artist Spotlight with Gawvi

Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown caught up with electro pop/EDM DJ recording artist – Gawvi! Your stage name is Gawvi (pronounced Ga-vee), but you also used to be known as G-Styles. Where did the name Gawvi actually come from? G – Gawvi is actually the name that my family calls me – I’ve been called that since birth. You see I’m Latino, and my full name is Gabrielle, but my nickname is Gabe. If you want to say that in Spanish, it’s actually Ga-vee. So I kind of mixed up the way you spell it, and gave it a cool twist!!...

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Q&A With Ayiesha Woods

Rhema FM Newcastle was stoked to hang out with Ayiesha Woods recently!  Now to kick things off, for people who don’t know who you are, who is Ayiesha Woods? I’m originally from the British Commonwealth of Bermuda, I lived there until 1987 when my family moved to the US. We lived in Florida, Georgia, Hawaii and then moved to Texas. I am a wife, a mother, singer, song writer, and servant of the Most High. I’m just doing life and enjoying the ride that God has placed before me! When you describe all of the places you’ve lived, it...

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7 Christian tunes that you’ll love!

There’s no lull in the Christian music industry at the moment! There’s so many great beats that you won’t be able to resist adding them to your playlist! So if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite tunes currently on the air-waves. Enjoy praising folks!  1. Who Says – Joshua Micah 2. Bleed The Same – Mandisa  ft. TobyMac & Kirk Franklin 3. Stop – Ayiesha Woods 4. 61 / Twenty Three – We are Leo 5. Turn My Eyes – Bonray 6. Old Church Choir – Zach Williams 7. When We Pray – Tauren...

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Hanging out with Hannah Kerr

Rhema FM Newcastle caught up with new Christian artist on the scene, Hannah Kerr! Thanks for hanging out with us Hannah, for those who don’t know you, can we get a snapshot?  Absolutely! I grew up in an area called Buffalo New York and my parents were worship leaders and so I was involved in the church from the beginning of my life. I feel very blessed to have a family that loves the Lord and brought me up to love him as well. Then when I was in Highschool I moved to Nashville Tennasee, which was a bit...

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