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Can a Christian lose their salvation?

Our CEO, John Marks, shares on the topic of ‘salvation’. This is a question that has been debated and there are two school of thoughts. 1. That Salvation can be lost and 2. That it cannot be lost. I decided one day to thoroughly research and through the scriptures and the amazing Bible Teacher and preacher Dr. Charles Stanley here’s what I found.   First, the term Christian must be defined. A “Christian” is not a person who has said a prayer or walked down an aisle or been raised in a Christian family. While each of these things can...

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Emma Mullings – Baby bumps, Miami & Music!

We caught up with Sydney based Christian Artist, Emma Mullings, to talk about the heart behind her family move to the U.S., and her latest single ‘Here and Now’! We’ve been loving playing your music and getting to know you through your music over the last few years. Now a lot has been happening in your world, but can you give us a snapshot of what life currently looks like for you at the moment? Well I’m being forced right now to practice what preach, “I always say the flexible aren’t easily snapped!” Basically we were scheduled to move...

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What if we celebrated Easter everyday?

Well Easter has come and gone for another year. Perhaps you enjoyed a long weekend, an extra day or two off work, awesome services at your church and probably just a few too many Easter eggs. But now what? Are you already looking ahead to Mother’s Day, a birthday or perhaps even Christmas? Easter is such an important time in the Christian calendar that we can over emphasise it as an event. Please don’t misunderstand, the death and resurrection of Jesus is something that we should most definitely be remembering and celebrating! It’s an event that we should be...

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Ever wondered why we eat Easter eggs?

Easter is here and everywhere you look, the supermarket shelves are lined with assorted chocolates and Easter Eggs of different sizes, flavours and value. One of the world’s most valuable eggs to hit the shelves was in 2006. Encrusted with more than 100 0.5 carat diamonds, was the Diamond Stella Egg, standing 65cm tall. How much was this egg? Only £50,000! Take inflation into account, and add yourself another £20,000, equating to $128,000 Australian dollars. Thank fully, no one was actually crazy enough to purchase and consume it! It does get crazier though – the most expensive chocolate egg...

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The Antidote For A Troubled Heart

Illness … debt and financial worries … security and safety concerns … relationship difficulties … family ‘issues’ … international and environmental concerns … We certainly live in difficult times and there may well be issues in your life that are causing you significant worries and concerns. God knew that humans would regularly experience these emotions, and so the Bible has reassuring words for those who are facing worries, who have a ‘troubled heart’. What we might not realise is that there is an antidote to a troubled heart, and as cliché as it might sound… we are told to...

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