Thank you for joining us as partnered with CBM again this year on Thursday the 15th of August to help give people in the world’s poorest countries the Miracle gift of sight! This year we are aiming for 440 Miracles and you gave over an above making 464 Miracles possible! Thank you for being a part of this amazing event and joining with people all around Australia on Miracles day to see a total of 40,000 Miracles made possible!

Your $33 donation gives someone sight-saving surgery. On average, cataract operations take just 12 minutes, but can change a person’s life. Miracles day is over but it’s not to late to give the Miracle gift of sight today!

Reena, abandonded by parents

Living in a remote village, just metres from the border of India, 11-year-old Reena struggled to see, with a severe cataract completely blocking sight in her right eye.

When her mum abandoned her and her seven brothers and sisters, eloping with another man, life took a turn for the worse. Reena’s father, an alcoholic, didn’t look after his children. Left to fend for herself, Reena’s basic needs were neglected.

When a local woman noticed Reena needed help, she told her sister Meena about the little girl. Meena and her husband had lost their eldest child, a daughter, at the age of 12 to Scrub Typhus. She was misdiagnosed by the local hospital, and by the time she got the correct diagnosis it was too late.

After losing her daughter, Meena wanted to adopt another child, and kept all her daughter’s clothes and toys, just in case.

Upon meeting Reena, and seeing her “white eye”, a friend of the family offered to take Meena and her new father to the CBM Supported Hospital to see if her eye could be fixed.

There is no legal adoption in the area but Meena calls herself Aunt to Reena. In Nepal, this is a term of endearment for a caregiver.