Not your average faith based film this Aussie story brings a comic look at what it’s like to save sex for marriage in our day and age. Chase’s dreams to play in the NRL were falling by the wayside, just like his relationship to Brooke. At his lowest point, Chase takes a leap of faith to follow God and sort out his life. But living this out is a far greater challenge than he imagined, especially among team mates who won’t let him give up his partying ways without a fight.

Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown recently caught up with Jason Stevens who the film’s story is loosely based on. To hear what he had to say about the movie check out screen talk here!

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  • Rated PG forĀ Mild themes, sexual references and coarse language
  • Sexual references
  • Mild profanities
  • Minor reference to drugs
'Chasing Comets' Review 1
Given a thumbs up for teen + audiences that enjoy Aussie humour similar to ‘The Castle’.