Josh Wilson on The Artist Spotlight 1
The longer I follow Jesus, the more I realise that things don’t stay the same.
I used to think that once you have decided to follow Jesus and become a Christian, that you leave your old self in the past and you become this new creation. That is totally true, but I had this impression that it was this one and done thing. Yet the longer I follow Jesus the more I realise that it’s a constant work in progress and that God’s work in my life is never done. There are mountains and valleys, there are seasons of joy and light, seasons of darkness and sadness. 

This particular record, “That Was Then, This Is Now”, is about my life before Christ, and it’s also about my life yesterday and five minutes ago. Even in the mistakes I’ve made most recently, God says that He wants to continually remake me into the image of Christ. I’m a work in progress and that message is weaved throughout my music. A lot has happened over the last few years for me as far as the music business goes. I actually signed with a new record label here in Nashville; Black River records.

I’ve just released my first project with them called, “Don’t Look Back”. There are a few singles from that, “Borrow” and “Dream Small”, which I’ve been playing live. I’ve been trying some new things, like what I call the “solo experience”; recording 8 to 12 instruments on stage by myself and looping them. When writing “Dream Small”, I actually sat down to write what I thought was going to be a big idea. I was praying, “God, please give me a big idea”, but the more that I tried to write, the more I realise that God wanted me to write about the small things. 

Because the little things matter just as much as the big things. When we read the scriptures we see that Jesus was never too busy or two important to stop and notice the people that often went overlooked. He invested in twelve disciples, that’s a pretty small group, but what we see through His life is that the little things make a big difference. Just like an Orchestra, God has given us all an instrument to play which is our lives and everyone on stage in an orchestra is holding one instrument so individually they might seem small or insignificant but when everyone plays together as one, it turns into this big symphony. “Dream Small” is all about how the big song wouldn’t exist if we weren’t playing our individual parts. It’s a celebration of people who are doing God’s work day in and day out, and showing God’s love and kindness in small way that add up to be big. So when I say “Dream Small”, I don’t mean that we shouldn’t dream big but don’t forget the little things along the way.