Elle Limebear ‘My Music Story’

My husband and I are part of a youth team at our church, I just have a heart for the next generation. I want to sing over these young people, writing and singing songs of encoragment and joy so they may dance to them.  Songs that people can move to and sing in their cars and on the way to school. I want people to listen to my music and feel encouraged and ready to go through their day and not feel alone.  I am a big fan of young people and I want the power of God to come in their lives and for people to be all in for Jesus not half in or half out.

Actually, I really wasn’t planning to do music and singing, I really liked doing back vocals and leading here and there in church, but I have always been nervous about singing in front of people and as a teenager. I was petrified about microphones and I wasn’t a fan of the stage up until a year and a half ago. When I was on tour with my dad in America doing back vocals with him. After this particular gig  I just stood at the back of the arena where loads of different worship artists were playing and I really felt the Lord say to me, “you’re going to do something similar to this. You’re not going to write the same music as these people you’re not going to sound the same or look the same but trust me be ready and I am going to open these doors for you.”

So now, I am writing all these songs and it’s been amazing trusting in the Lord. It wasn’t really my intention but doing the unexpected, that’s what God does. I remember writing the ‘I left’ lyrics with a couple guys in America and at the time I was like ‘oh my gosh’ how am I ever going to sing this song. I love the lyrics of this song as it’s all about God being there from the minute I was created and it’s so beautiful how I can look back and see God all over my life.