New Program: 'Aussie Grown Across The Nation!' 1

Have you heard of Aussie Grown Across The Nation?

Rhema FM is excited to introduce this new program airing on Sunday nights at 9pm!

History of aussie grown across the nation

‘Aussie Grown Across The Nation’ was established initially through a Christian community station on the Sunshine Coast in 2014.

When the radio station endured financial troubles, they first shelved the show then, 5 members of staff were retrenched, the show was gifted to the team who was involved in creating and producing it.

In order to keep the show alive, the team have spent the last 18 months establishing a home studio, and spending money they don’t have.

However, they’ve been but being richly blessed with over $25k of further gifts – a supplied & installed air-conditioner, a mixing desk, office and computer equipment, software and associated gear.

AGATN re-launched as a nationally syndicated programme in November 2017 with three stations on board and now, a bare 37 weeks later, the show is broadcast on 17 stations nationally (covering all states and mainland territories).

The program carries 99.9% Australian music, with the odd Kiwi artist thrown in here and there. Many of our Kiwi family either have lived, recorded or toured Australia. The program is humbled and proud that they chose to support us too.

Their website also lists our Artist Directory (over 900 listings), Gig Guide (too many to count) and other related information. It changes almost daily – check out their website!

Welcome to the Rhema FM family ‘Aussie Grown Across The Nation’! We are honoured to have you on board!