(L) –  Local

(A) – Australian

Early Morning

2.30  am          Focus on the Family  [Daily, Also 11.30am]

5.30  am          Leading the Way – Dr Michael Youssef [Daily]

6.00  am          Legacy Radio – Derek Prince [Daily]

6.35  am          Enjoying Everyday Life –  Joyce Meyer [Daily]

 The Big Breakfast with Wayne Hindson: 7 am- 10 am

7.20 am          Financially Speaking [Tues] (L), Real Estate Round-Up [Wed] (L),  Building Champions [Thurs] (L), The                                      Review [Mon], The Preview [Fri]

7.45 am           Jobline [Also 12.45pm & 4.45pm]  [Daily] (L)

8.10 am           Your Health [Wed 11.20am, Thurs 3.30pm] (L)

8.15 am           Reaching Your World with Luis Palau [Also 5.45pm]

8.40 am           Bob Gass “The Word for Today” [Daily, Also 12.25pm]

8.45 am          The Artist Spotlight Preview [Wed] (L)

9.05 am           Family Life Today [Daily]

9.30 am           Kingdom Works with Rick Prosser [on Friday am, Fri 7.30pm & Sun 6pm] (L)

The Long Lunch with Ashley De Hoogh, Keith Davies, Shayne Holstein: 10 am – 2pm

11.30 am         Focus on the Family [Daily, Also 2.30am]

12.25 pm         Bob Gass “The Word for Today” [Daily, Also 8:40am]

12.45 pm         Jobline [Daily, Also 7.45am & 4.45pm] (L)

1.15 pm           The Review [Mon, Also  7.20 am & 4.30 pm], The Preview [Fri, Also 7.20 am & 4.30 pm]

1.30 pm           Life Points – Chuck Swindoll [Daily]

DJ Free from 2 – 3

The Drive Home with Geoff Snowden: 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm

3.30 pm           Building Champions [Tues] (L),  Your Health [Also Wed 11.20am]  (L) 

4.20 pm          The Artist Spotlight – The Drive Home Edition [Wed] (L)

4.30 pm           The Review [Mon, Also 7.20 am & 1.15pm], The Preview [Fri, Also 7.20 am & 1.15pm] (L)

4.45 pm           Jobline [Also 7.45am & 12.45pm] (L)

5.20 pm           Financially Speaking [Mon and Also Tues 7.20 am] (L)

5.45 pm           Reaching Your World with Luis Palau [Daily, Also 8.15 am]

Evenings with John Marks: 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

6.30 pm          Adventures in Odyssey [Daily]

7.20 pm          Financially Speaking [Tues & Thurs. Also 7.20 am Tues],

7.30 pm          Miromaa for Life – Christian Indigenous Radio Program [Mon] (L), Bill Gaither’s Home Coming Radio Hour – Southern Gospel Music [Tues], Cream of Christian Country with Shayne Holstein [Wed] (L), Hymns of Praise with Keith Davies [Thurs] (L), Kingdom Works with Rick Prosser [Fri] (L)

8.30 pm          Turning point with Dr David Jeremiah [Daily]

9.30 pm           In Touch with Dr Charles Stanley [Daily]

10.00 pm         Insights for Living with Chuck Swindoll [Daily]

11.00 pm         Prayer for Newcastle & The Hunter [Daily]

11.05 pm         A New Beginning with Greg Laurie [Daily]



Saturday Breakfast with Keith Davies: 6.00 am – 9.00 am

 9.30 am         ScreenTalk with Ellyse Brooks & Aaron Brown  (L)

10.00 am        Today’s Christian Music until 12 (TCM) (A)

12.15 pm        Artist Spotlight (L)

4.00 pm         History Makers (A)

5.00 pm          The Hot 25 Countdown (A)

7.00 pm         The Alternative – Youth Program (L)  

9.00 pm        The Edge – Music with an edge (L)


6.00 am           Sunday Mornings with Rhema FM ‘Older Style Worship’

7.30 am            God’s Word for God’s World with Rev. Stephen Taylor (L)

8.00 am           Contemporary Adult Praise and Worship

9.00 am           New Hope For Life with Pastor Colin Grigg (L)

10.00 am         Christianity Works with Berni Dymet (A)

Sunday Afternoons with Keith Davies: 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm

4.00 pm          Bill Gaither’s Home Coming Radio Hour – Southern Gospel Music

5.00 pm           Cream of Christian Country with Shayne Holstein (L)

6.00 pm           Kingdom Works with Rick Prosser [Also Fri 9:30am] (L)

6.30 pm           The Journey – Catholic Radio Program (A)

7.30 pm           Hymns of Praise with Keith Davies (L)

8.30 pm           In Touch with Dr Charles Stanley