We have this vast open space in Australia; we forget what a beautiful country we live in.

Ken Duncan and I met when I was hosting The Midday Show about 30 years ago. We actually share a birthday; he’s obviously a bit younger than I am but we’re both December 20 boys. We’re also fairly similar in character and get along like a house on fire. We did a film together – along with National Geographic, SBS and Quantas – called, “Chasing The Light”, which was set in the Kimberleys.

I’ve been taking Photographs for many years but it was always a secondary thing. It’s really become more of an obsession over the past 10 years. I take photographs from commercial planes and I was doing a lot of trips up to Darwin, about 4 or 5 times a year. On each flight I would sit on the right hand side and I would see this magnificent rock formation in the shape of a running man. I asked different pilots about it until I was finally given the coordinates.

Even then I had to get a friend who owns a chopper and lives in Queensland to take myself and 12 others, including Ken, out there on a sort of military expedition, just to get to this formation. We spent about 10 days camping out there and filming this incredible rock, “The Running Man”. We have this vast open space in Australia; we forget what a beautiful country we live in. There are a lot of incredible places here that only the locals know about. Behind me on the plane, when I was looking out for this rock, everyone else would have their shades down watching some dodgy movie. I felt like saying, “look at this incredible country”.

‘Ray Martin’s Other World’ exhibition runs from the 1st-10th of November at the Ken Duncan Gallery in Erina Heights, and I hope that my work can really showcase this beautiful country well. Click here for more info.

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