Remembering Bob Gas 1
We are very saddened today to learn of the passing of Bob Gas author of ‘The Word for Today’.

He touched many lives during his lifetime of service and ministry and we will always honour his memory here at Rhema FM. John Marks CEO of Rhema FM said in a statement:

“The news today of Pastor Bob Gas’s Passing has been deeply saddening. Being the author and voice for so may years of ‘The Word For Today’ all Rhema Stations in Australia began distributing his devotions to our financial members way back in 1998. Without doubt Bob will be missed and our thoughts and our heart and prayers go out to his wife, children, grandchildren and extended family members at this time. Personally I’ve known Bob Gass for many years and as a pastor and author he was a wonderful man in God. Although he’ll be sadly missed, we do rejoice that we’ll see him again one day when we arrive home in heaven.” -John Marks CEO Rhema FM

Will you still receive your word for the day?

Bob Gass himself actually planned for this day several years ago. The readers of The Word for Today were always at the front of his mind. As he grew older, he and his team wanted to ensure The Word for Today would continue to encourage and support believers for many years to come, so he began a long writing project which would mean the devotional could continue long after he passed away.