• RHEMATHON 2019 – $475,295.00/$495,000.00 RAISED SO FAR 96.00% 96.00%

Thank you to everyone who donated during Rhemathon! We have raised the $460,000 necessary to continue broadcasting for our day to day operational costs however we are still short of reaching $495,000 which will launch Rhema’s app and four new digital broadcasts specific to classic christian music, teaching programs,  youth and worship. Help us launch this new initiative and reach more with the hope that is Jesus Christ by donating today! 

NB: Please do not use your autofill, as this may cause administrative problems. Make sure you check that your details are in the correct fields. Alternatively, you can call reception on 1300 777 997, and make your donation over the phone! Also please wait while the payment goes through, do not click the back button as this may repeat your payment. Thanks! 

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