The 'Artist Spotlight' Featuring Alyssa and Georgia from the SAGA 1

Allyssa: When we released our first song ‘ Fire’ a lot of people were telling us it was hard to find us online. So we looked at both of our names and I took the last few letters of my name and the last few of Georga’s name and we got, SAGA.  So we googled the meaning and I thought yeah this works. So to take that deeper, we thought the story about Alyssa and Georga is really what this whole thing is about and we thought it was pretty perfect. 

Alyssa: We have been really overwhelmed and blown away by how supported we have been. we have had so many people message us and say thanks for releasing a song in your jeans and t-shirt, just being who you are and not being afraid of saying ‘yes we are christian’ that was really big for both of us. It’s been amazing I feel so much more freedom to just be who I really am not having to put on a mask depending on the type of gig that I’m doing so thats been really cool and also hearing all the ways that one little song has inspired different people its been really overwhelming for me.

Georga: People really love authenticity when you write lyrics that mean something to you or you write to inspire people its always going to have a interesting reaction. People come up to us and say ‘set fire’ really inspired us or there was lyrics in the song that inspired or it was a fun song even on that lighter note. It’s been awesome!