My sister has three little kids aged five, three and two years.

They haven’t really understood it completely, it’s still kind of a strange concept for them to realise that Daddy has died.

My sister had first contact with Rhema FM when her friend had nominated her for the 99.7 ‘Helping Hand Christmas Hamper’. She didn’t know about it and it was a surprise when Rhema rocked up at her house!

When Rhema FM gave her the hamper I thought that it was so beautiful & she really appreciated it. It was just really helpful at the time because obviously there were Dr’s bills to pay for and they didn’t have any money because my brother-in-law wasn’t working. Before they found out he had cancer, he was studying and so they were on a low income. Then after being diagnosed with cancer, trying to pay for everything was pretty hard.  At the time Rhema and a few other churches had given them a hamper and so those sorts of things were really impacting and amazing – it just goes a long way and we were really thankful for it, just to know that people are caring about your situation.

Rhema also had the family on their prayer list and so knowing that the radio station was there as a support was really great, along with the church community praying for the situation too.

Because Rhema had been praying, my church and my parents church,  it was really great having so many people wanting to help and have an impact in their lives to support and encourage them. They were so blessed by so many different people.



Rhema didn’t have to do that… it wasn’t their requirement. But it just shows the heart of God.”


When Rhema FM sent the flowers to my sister after her husband had passed away it was really beautiful.

There were lots of flowers at the time that came in obviously, but when it came out of the blue, we were shocked that Rhema knew what had happened, were reaching out and cared so much to do that.

Rhema didn’t have to do that… it wasn’t their requirement. But it just shows the heart of God.

It was so kind and they were the favourite of all the flowers she received.

After we invited the staff to come to the funeral, a representative from Rhema attended as a support. The fact that Rhema made the effort to be there was so encouraging. To know that throughout that whole process, even though Rhema wasn’t in the midst of it, they were there as an outside support bringing in the community and reminding people of what was going on.

More so, it was so great that Rhema made the announcement about the funeral over the airwaves when we asked, because we knew that we couldn’t contact everyone who was part of the church. It was really great that Rhema helped again in that way.

I personally grew up listening to Rhema and it’s always been part of my life I guess, but it was a big surprise for me to witness everything because I haven’t been around the right people to see what Rhema does within the community. To actually see and be part of what Rhema sets out to do was really impacting because it makes you think “Wow! I can actually see what Rhema is doing in someone’s life and how they’re changing that life.”

It was not easy.  But we were so thankful for what Rhema, and so many others did for my sister and her children.



With your support, lives can continue to be impacted and helped in different ways within the community. Will you stand with us and make hope possible?