When Listening to Commercial Radio

Radio has high engagement with 83% of listeners who respond to what they hear!

When Listening to Rhema FM Community Radio

4 in 5 of listeners place a higher level of trust in a station sponsor (advertiser) on our station than a business sponsor (advertiser) on a commercial station.

What does this mean for your business?

78% of our listeners are more likely to respond to a YOUR message on Rhema FM than a general business advertiser on a commercial station.


When Listening to Commercial Radio

On average 64% of listeners take action as a result of radio advertising.

When Listening to Community Radio

78% of listeners are more likely to respond to one of our stations sponsor messages than a commercial station.

What does this mean for your business?

Our listeners are twice as likely to purchase your product because out listeners TRUST our station sponsors (advertisers).

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

Rhema FM continues to exceed my expectations. After spending years advertising with a commercial station, we thought we would give Rhema a go. We are consistently being told by our customers that they heard our ad on Rhema. It seemed we had gained a sizable amount of new and very loyal customers for a very small investment. It is with great pleasure I would highly recommend Rhema FM to any business looking to get the biggest bang for their buck. Rhema FM advertising is extremely affordable, highly effective and offers your business an exclusive opportunity to tell your business’s story to local and loyal listeners.

Docs Mega Save Chemist

“We have been blessed here at our café not only by increased sales but also by the joy of meeting new people who check us out after hearing our sponsorship spots [on your station]. The spots stand out and grab the attention of the listeners that they are highly entertained by. We believe they are very creative and I know our customers do too. We even have a Bridal shower booked in next month after the bride-to-be heard the ‘Wedding” spot’ on Rhema”

Marks Point Puzzles and Games Cafe

“It takes time for the message to settle in [for listeners to notice you on air]. Then the leads started to flow, then we had a quiet spell, the anxiety levels began to rise… but then the leads again began to flow again on a very steady basis, and I’m now flat out, I’m currently taking in all of the work I can handle.”

James Massey - Grace Loans

Plans and Pricing

Business Starter

  • 3 ads per day
  • Mon to Friday
  • Includes two premium*
  • 2 ads fully and professionally produced

Business Awareness

  • 4 ads per day
  • Mon to Sunday
  • Two Prime **
  • Two Premium*
  • 3 ads fully and professionally produced
  • Bonus Fillers
  • Directory Listing


PREMIUM package only available to one business of type
  • 5 ads per day
  • Mon to Sunday
  • Time placement of your choice
  • 5 ads fully and professionally produced
  • Bonus Fillers
  • Directory Listing
  • Homepage Banner
  • NO other business of type on the station
  • Event Sponsorship#
  • Block out your Competition

*Premium Time placements between 6am to11pm

**Prime Time placements between 6am to 10am across “Breakfast” and between 3pm to 6pm “Drive”

# Your business will be promoted as a sponsor of premium events hosted by Rhema FM through the year, this may include Outside Broadcasts, Business Breakfasts, and other major events.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to advertise with Rhema FM, but you only offer Sponsorship – what is the difference?

As Rhema FM is a community Station, our broadcasting license is subject to a conditions regarding the paid placement of what is considered advertising.

How much does it cost promote my business on Rhema FM?

We know we are the most affordable station across Newcastle and the Hunter Regions when it comes to our rates. For a general idea have a look at our rate card, and call us to work out what you need.

Rhema FM has a dedicated team of Account Managers who can help tailor a package and work with you to get the most out of your budget. We can develop a suitable campaign for your business, organisation, not-for-profit, Church or Ministry to help you get your message across.

How does my business stand out on Rhema FM compared to a commercial station?

We only have 5 mins per hour  of sponsored advertisement – and we promise no more than 2 adds in a row, compared to the 10 adds in a row on other stations.

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