Top 5 Chocolates To Try This World Chocolate Day 1

The 7th of July is World Chocolate day, yes that’s a thing. This is a day to indulge in all your favourite chocolates and chocolate inspired foods without guilt. This could be a block of chocolate, a piece of chocolate mud cake or even a cup of chocolate milk. With World Chocolate day approaching, it’s only appropriate to list a few of my top picks for a quick chocolatey snack.

1.Cadbury Milk Chocolate

This may seem plain or boring to some, but you really can’t beat a piece of good creamy milk chocolate. If plain doesn’t really tickle your fancy Cadbury also has a wide selection of different flavours such as Oreo, Crunchies or Boosts you can also give a try.

2.Nestle Aero

Aero chocolate is famous for its little bubbles which give it that light airy feel while biting into it. Aero comes in a few flavours to cater for all taste buds. Mint, strawberry, caramel and plain milk chocolate are just a few.

3.Caramello Koala

Caramello Koalas are one of the many chocolates manufactured by Cadbury and an Aussie favourite. It comes in the shape of a cute koala made of milk chocolate with a centre full of delicious caramel.

4.Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is a perfect choice for someone who loves nutty chocolates. It’s a crispy hazelnut and milk chocolate covered wafer filled with a smooth creamy hazelnut filling and a whole hazelnut in the centre.

5.Kinder Bueno

Kinder is most known for their Kinder Surprises but one of their underrated chocolates is Bueno. This is personally my favourite chocolate to snack on. Kinder Bueno is similar to a Ferrero Rocher in the sense that it is a chocolate covered wafer casing with a creamy hazelnut filling. Dark chocolate and white chocolate versions are also available to satisfy all chocolate preferences.


There are many great chocolates out there in the world, so don’t forget to mark down World Chocolate Day in your calendars so you don’t miss this day of indulging in all your favourite chocolate foods.

Adele Cochrane

Adele Cochrane

Work Experience student from St Philips Christian College, Cessnock